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If your home is located in North Houston you found the right Houston air conditioning repair company. We are a locally owned and operated air conditioning installation & repair company. Call us today (832) 777-1521. Located in Humble TX. Our main focus is to help repair your AC units quickly. Quickly, but also provide the best possible service. All in a reliable manner without requiring you to invest too much in the first place.

This is the best way to fully repair your AC unit. Save money and still receive the highest quality repair. We are a team of dedicated professionals, & we always work hard in order for you to obtain the best results. So just get in touch with us right away if you experience any problems with the AC. We will gladly help you. Once we are done with your AC it will function properly. When we give you a service call time you can count on it. Professional technicians respect your time & do the job right the first time!


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More Then Just Equipment

It is not always enough to just get the right home air conditioner equipment. There is a need to ensure that you have the right set of professionals to install them correctly. For any AC Replacement, & to maintain them for future challenges. Our experts have a lot of experience in this field. They are fully dedicated to obtaining the best results and a stellar outcome.

Air Houston Mechanical knows how important it is for you to obtain the best outcome. Thus our team will always use their best knowledge. And ideas in order to give you the best and most reliable service. Service & repair, all without having to invest a ton of money in the first place.

The basics of the HVAC certification program include some of the following requirements:

A Texas HVAC contractor must be at least 18 years of age. As well as show extensive experience on the job. This is before you can even take the exam. It’s important that the contractor have at least 36 months of hands-on experience. Before actually tacking the Texas HVAC exam. The main reason that you don’t see many HVAC contractors under the age of 21. Is because of this 36 month qualification period. As well as the rigorous exams and testing required to achieve the certification.

Fees: The fee to apply to the HVAC license in Texas is only $115. Even once the fee has been paid an application needs to be approved. And the appropriate business licenses also need to be in place. Exam providers notify the state and licenses are given out based off of the performance on the test.

Licensed Contractors

There are two licenses available in the heating air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The is a difference between class “A” and class “B” licenses. Check this when you’re looking into a provider that can handle major renovations or repairs.

The “B” class Texas HVAC license allows you work on systems that are rated under 25. Heating systems that are capable of producing 1.5 million BTUs per hour. These are covered under the class “B” license code.

Class “A” license codes are an unrestricted code. This allows an HVAC contractor to work on any sized HVAC system. There is no restriction to the refrigeration or heating systems that a class “A” HVAC certification license holder can work on.

State Of Texas

The state of Texas also has several other HVAC endorsement codes. These codes can change the level of expertise in a particular license. Extra codes can show that a particular HVAC professional has extensive experience. Experience in one particular area.

These extra license conditions include the commercial refrigeration and process cooling and heating code “R”. The environmental air-conditioning certification endorsement or “E” as well as the combined endorsements which is a “C” rating. The combined endorsements package is a marriage between E and R certification. And if you can find a Texas-based HVAC contractor that has a license with this rating. They are likely extremely experienced, & a holder of a class A HVAC license.

When it comes to finding an HVAC certified professional, in most cases a skilled HVAC certified specialist will provide you with all the required certifications and licenses at your request. Checking up with a business and making sure that they have all the required affiliations is extremely important.

Screen For Reliability

While some may be a little standoffish about showing their certifications. It’s an excellent way that you can know for sure. Most contractors will also list their certifications online. So that prospective clients can see their level of experience. Experience and the expertise that they have in a particular area of the HVAC industry. Check out a few different contractor’s websites. And looking for the HVAC contractor that is certified.

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Best Technicians – Best Service

Our Humble TX based HVAC technicians are trained, certified, bonded, and insured. If your problem is an emergency. We can get to your home in Humble, Kingwood, Huffman, Spring, Tomball, or The Woodlands fast. Yes, you can call us now and in just a few hours you will have everything repaired. That’s how fast and professional our team of professionals really is. It’s crucial to perform such repairs quickly, and this is why are working around the clock. To bring you the best experience and the highest quality results!

We provide air conditioner repair, ac replacement, & home air conditioner installation services on all makes and models. Houston air conditioning repair, ac replacement, and ac maintenance are the only things we do. There’s no AC unit we can’t repair. In our business we encountered pretty much every type of model. So you don’t have to worry about repairs. We will handle that with complete professionalism. Producing the best results. You can rest assured of that.

Looking For The Best Houston Air Conditioning Repair?

Our technicians are trained to provide professional, reliable Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, & Kingwood air conditioning service. We use the latest equipment and software programs. We will properly analyze and diagnose your air conditioning system. As a result, we are able to find & fix the problem the first time. This also ensures that all new energy efficient air conditioners are properly sized. AC replacement sized to provide maximum comfort for your family.

Yes, we will help you keep your family safe and bring them the utmost comfort. Doing so fast to ensure that they can continue with their lives. Don’t settle yourself with just about any AC repair service, instead choose the best! We can help with any Houston air conditioning emergency. Call us today! (832) 777-1521.

Some of the main schools where Texas HVAC certified professionals would have studied may include:

  1. South Texas College in McAllen
  2. Vernon College In Wichita Falls
  3. Castillo Training Center
  4. Binn College Bryan TX

Houston – Humble – Kingwood – Spring – The Woodlands Commercial HVAC

No matter if you are looking for a Humble, Kingwood, Woodlands or Spring TX HVAC company. You must do some research to find the best Houston air conditioning repair company.

Find out the type of technicians the air conditioning company employs. Some companies will employ less skilled and inexperienced people. Technicians that will render poor quality & service. Others will ensure their technicians are abreast of new challenges by organizing in-house training. Carry out adequate research on their technicians before rendering their service.

A popular certification program for HVAC technicians is NATE (North American Technician Excellence). Ensure the company employs technicians that are certified by NATE.

HVAC certification programs

Looking into the types of HVAC certification programs will help you find certified professionals from across the state. The state of Texas requires licensing and regulation to be done at approved schools. Some of these schools offer online programs as well as classroom-based learning.

Fact Checking

Doing a bit of fact checking to make sure that the licenses is from an accredited school. This will help to spot false documents. As well as to spot HVAC contractors that may have received an out-of-state certification.

By working with a qualified HVAC licensed professional. You can not only get a more competitive level of service. But countless other benefits. Including insurance premiums that are recognized in the state of Texas.

What To Look For When Choosing An Air Conditioning Company

It is essential that a Houston air conditioning repair technician know his job. His honesty should also be verified. Because we are in a “smart” age where people carry out all sorts of dubious acts. Doing so without any sense of remorse.

For a technician to be invited into your home you must be careful. A company that does not lay emphasis on morality and good ethical practices cannot produce the right technician.

A qualified Houston air conditioner company should be one that is available for customers day and night. You can give them a test by calling them at odd hours to ascertain their customer service. Before employing their service. A reliable Houston air conditioning repair company should be reachable 24/7.

Experience Matters

Since you are going to be asking questions relating to their services, they should be able to answer your questions. Don’t rely on an Houston air conditioning repair company that is impatient or uncomfortable with your questions. Such dispositions might spell danger. Because a professional company will patiently answer your questions every time.

There is no sure way of ascertaining the quality of an AC company. Start with their years of experience. Would you prefer 2 years experience to 20 years experience? Obviously, no, because the latter has more experience. You can commit your service to them and go to bed with your two eyes closed.

Reputation Matters

Also, a Humble, Woodlands, Spring, or Kingwood HVAC company that has a lot of clients’ feedback and comments should be patronized. A company with good track record is bound to have a good reputation. You can ask for any evidence of long service & recommendations.

For ac replacement & Houston air conditioning repair you need a company that does not do shady deals. There should be an agreed price before they start. Everything should be well estimated without giving additional quotation after service. Ensure the company is the type that will give you a warranty on home air conditioner repair.