An air conditioner replacement contractor needs to properly size everything. Including air-ducts. If they are installing brand-new HVAC system, always check the duct work. Qualified professionals use the ACCA manual D to appropriately sized ductwork. Having uninsulated ducts or leaky ducts can reduce the overall system efficiency. So it is very important to find the right professional for this task.

If you have a new construction project it’s always best to stick with a qualified Houston air conditioner repair contractor. Because you could end up with an air conditioner that’s very expensive to run. Expensive and not very effective. All joints and seams need to be sealed off in your ductwork. This needs to be addressed before any new HVAC system is installed. If your ductwork remains not insulated or the joints and seams are not sealed off with duct tape. You can experience massive losses in cooling or heat.

It’s important to remember that if your home doesn’t have the right ducts, the cost of installation could potentially get quite expensive. If you do not plan on cooling your entire home you could also consider using a split ductless system. One that offers no ductwork and high-efficiency electrical connection. These systems are much easier to add into homes. However some central air units do only cool certain rooms.

Air Conditioner Replacement Houston

Illustration of a air conditioner replacement tool kitThe experts at Air Houston Mechanical know that 80% of all Houston air conditioner problems could have been prevented. Without routine, or scheduled, ac maintenance air conditioners degrade.

When your air conditioner starts to degrade that is not good. Your system could work harder to produce about the same cooling power. This means that your electric bills will be higher. Thus putting you at a greater risk of needing unexpected service.

AC Maintenance reduces this degradation rate. And your equipment will run better. Studies from utility companies show that preventative ac maintenance pays for itself in energy savings alone!

Air Conditioner Replacement & Staying Practical

The main element of air conditioner replacement that you need to consider is pure practicality. You can often find model ratings and manufacturer ratings from some of the top air conditioning brands online.

With many variables that need to be considered, including the size of your home. The past performance of a particular air-conditioning system. The level of noise that a system brings, and the design of a particular duct-work system. Finally getting something that is with a high-efficiency rating is important.

Air Conditioner Replacement Types:

First off consider some of the best types of air conditioners. It’s important to remember the various types of air-conditioning that you could install. As mentioned before you could consider a central air-conditioning system. The hallmark of this system is that it can be used to distribute air throughout the entire house.

The refrigerant in a central air conditioner circulates between a coil inside. An outdoor condenser that pumps air throughout your home with a compressor is also used. Refrigerant inside the unit will cool and dehumidifier the air. Finally it then pumps throughout the house to cool it.

A split duct system: These units are quite similar to central ac, but they have blowers that are mounted much higher on the wall. They also have an outside condenser. And they can run with up to four units. Tubing will connect each one to the source of refrigerant. Finally they are powered by electricity.

These units can all work on remote control. Giving you the power and efficiency to cool various rooms in your home while on the go. These units can often be much more efficient than a full central air system.

The Main Considerations From a Unit:

When an HVAC contractor picks out a particular cooling unit it’s very important that they make the following considerations with the help of the homeowner:

Air Conditioner Replacement – Designs

The design of the unit makes a big impact on the price as well as the effectiveness in a particular home. Choosing between a split system and a heat pump style system is essential. If a home needs both heating and cooling the heat pump version could potentially be a better option for efficiency. Designs can also vary from different manufacturers and often a HVAC professional will suggest the manufacturer that has a better track record in the industry.

HVAC Efficiency

The efficiency of an air-conditioning unit describes the amount of electricity that it actually uses. The cooling that the unit delivers bases on the watts of electricity that are used up to power the unit during its operating time. With SEER units you can often see seasonal efficiency ratings of lower than 13 which is a highly efficient cooling system capable of saving energy costs.

Air Conditioner Size

The size of the unit is extremely important to cooling a home or business. The air-conditioners cooling capacity or size is measured in BTUs and there are specific formulas for figuring out the best number of BTUs for cooling a small to large property.Keep some of these top ideas in mind for picking up the best air conditioner for your needs and working with your air conditioner replacement contractor.

Houston Air Conditioner Energy Saving In Humble, Kingwood, Spring, or The Woodlands

Our energy savings program is a semi-annual maintenance plan. Your air Humble, Kingwood, Spring, or Woodlands conditioning system will thank you in many ways. Prevent air conditioner problems with the right program. By becoming an energy savings customer, you will be provided with 2 Precision tune-ups a year. This will help extend the life of your equipment.

Houston air conditioner repair illustration of hand holding a green energy houseYour Humble, Kingwood, Woodlands or Spring TX air conditioning system is typically the most expensive component in your house. As a result our air conditioner repair technicians know that your ac systems can degrade every year.

So whether you are looking to put more money in your pocket, or reduce energy consumption. An air conditioner repair Houston maintenance plan is worth it. Because it can increase the comfort of your home & help the environment.

Air Conditioner Replacement Companies Houston TX

Air conditioning has always been important for anyone who lives in an area that gets very hot during the summer. The use of these kinds of units for cooling homes and offices is very common. Common but it’s also crucial that your A/C units are working properly. In order for it to provide the right kind of cooling. Furthermore you will have a cost effective system. Making you happy when the energy bills come by the end of the month.

The right kind of air conditioning unit is just as important as making sure that the unit is working properly. This is the reason why hiring a good contractor is so important.

We are professional contractors and we have some of the best technicians. They have been trained in order to ensure that all of our customers get total satisfaction from our maintenance, repairs and installation services. This is the main reason why we are the right choice for anyone who wants to get their air conditioning done properly.

You can contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We are here to help you with all your air conditioning needs.