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Looking for a local AC repair Humble TX contractor? Air Houston Mechanical knows there are a lot of Humble TX AC repair companies to choose from… Your air conditioning is too important not to look for reputation & experience 1st… Air Houston Mechanical #1 Humble TX Air Conditioning & HVAC Company!

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Having a list of reliable Humble air conditioning repair companies before you need one is a good idea. Consequently, it can be especially helpful when it’s 100 degrees outside and your air conditioner decides to stop working. If you are like most busy people. Stockpiling a list of AC repair companies is not at the top of your to do list. Air Houston Mechanical has been servicing and installing air conditioners in Humble TX for 15 years. We are are ready to help with your all your AC service needs.

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Questions To Ask HVAC Contractor

Most of all, when first talking to a local Humble TX AC repair company. It’s important to inquire about their insurance. Certainly, an experienced Humble TX AC repair company will not be surprised at your inquiry. They should be able to provide the information to you right away. In addition, you should confirm that the insurance policy is real and up-to-date. Also, it’s beneficial for you to ensure the AC repair Humble TX company has a valid workers compensation policy. Since certain jobs require permits, a reputable local air conditioner company is imperative.

As a local AC repair Humble TX business we are 100% up to speed on the latest technology. We provide full service air conditioning services in Arbor Trails, Atascocita, Eagle Springs, Forest Shadows, Summerwood, Tour 18, and other Humble TX residential communities.

Top Maintenance/ Lifespan Tips For Central Air Conditioners in Humble TX

Most noteworthy, when it comes to maintaining your cooling system there are a number of top considerations. Considerations that you need to keep in mind after your central air conditioning unit has been installed. For fixing simple problems and for reducing wear on your AC unit, be sure to follow these top maintenance tips.

1. Changing filters: Our trained AC repair technicians often have to change filters on central air-conditioning units. Changing a filter on your furnace regularly will help to maintain your AC efficiency. Be sure to clean out your filters in your air conditioning unit. And of course monitor the dirt build up in your central air filtration system. Almost always, a dirty air filter will cause an air conditioner to have to work much harder. Drawing more energy. This leads to excess wear and tear. We recommend changing your filters at least once every 1 to 2 months.

2. Check ducts: Another common issue for cooling systems is airflow through your ducts. Our air-conditioning technicians often identify airflow leaks through duct-work and we have advanced tools for checking for these leaks. If you have leakage it’s fairly simple to fix and you can easily make patches using foil tape.

3. Get a programmable timer: Reducing the load on your AC unit can help to preserve it. Therefore, add an adjustable thermostat or timer to your your central air conditioner. And you can not only reduce your energy consumption. But also improve the lifespan of your central air unit.

4. Check the insulation. If there are areas where your home has lost insulation. There is a very good chance that you could be losing cold air as well as using excess energy.

5. Close blinds: Extending the life of your central air unit by keeping shades drawn through the day. Also, installing awnings on your home can help to prevent heat issues from intense sunlight.

AC repair Humble TX brand logos that can be serviced

Local HVAC – Most Trusted HVAC Repair Humble TX Contractors

We have established that it is a good idea to hire a local Humble TX ac repair company. Especially relevant, is an AC repair contractor’s knowledge of Humble TX building code. Furthermore, it’s a good reason why you should opt for a local company. Air Houston Mechanical is located in Humble Texas and we are experienced in local building code.

Your air conditioning system is extremely important to the comfort of your family. Not only is it important in July, it’s something you rely on year round in Humble TX.  For something this important you’ll want an experienced AC repair Humble TX company. A local trusted air conditioner company like us located in your community. We know the Humble TX area well. In fact, we live in the community. We know that the 3 local high schools’ mascots are the Eagles, Bulldogs, and Wildcats. In addition, we know that the Shell Houston Open is actually not played in Houston. It is played in Humble TX of course.

The Best Choice

Air Houston Mechanical is the best choice for your ac repair Humble TX needs. We are standing by to take your call now. You can count on us for all your home cooling needs. We will take your business seriously, & we welcome the opportunity to make it on your list of trusted Humble TX service businesses. Call Air Houston Mechanical today, (832) 777-1521.

Do your research

The truth is that relying on what your family and friends say is always a good indicator of the kind of service that will be provided. You should also do your homework on the local air conditioning repair contractors. You would be surprised just how much you can find out about a business. If you ever hear about a business and then you look them up online to find no information on them. You should consider this to be a red flag that it might not be a serious business.

Find Out How Many Years Of AC Repair Experience They Have

The years of experience that a business has are essential. Not only because this proves that the team is skilled. But also because it’s more likely that they will work hard to maintain their business running. The more experience they have is also going to be a good indicator of the kind of customer service that they provide. You are not likely to find a long lasting business with bad customer service.

Get Estimates From Only Air Conditioning Repair Humble TX Companies

If you have done your research. And you have narrowed it down to the top 2 or 3 companies. The best thing to do is to ask them to give you estimates on the cost. The cost of the repairs &/or installation. This way you will know if there are any significant differences in the prices. We are not saying you should go for the cheapest or the most expensive. But this will give you a clue on the quality. Always take the time to find out if spending a little bit more could be a much better way to ensure that everything will be done correctly.

Air Conditioning Repair Humble TX

Make an office visit to the company being considered. This will help you feel confident about the services. By knowing their place of business and seeing their infrastructure. You can also get a very good idea of the kind business they are running. Talk to the owner if possible. Or at the least to the office manager. This will make it even easier for you to know who you are dealing with.

Look For The Best Air Conditioning Warranties

You should always choose an air conditioning repair Humble TX company that has a good warranty program. If their work is very good it usually involves a great guarantee of the service. This is extremely important in order to get the best air conditioning repair Humble TX service & installation for your investment.

Is Your AC Unit Malfunctioning or Broken?

There are reasons air conditioners malfunction. It can be due to their over sized nature. One common feature of an over sized system is its frequent turning on and off. A good ac repair Humble TX company will tell you this in every season.

It consumes higher energy. Raises utility bills, and you pay more for its use. Over-sized equipment is usually noisy. And makes everyone in the house uncomfortable. It is therefore imperative for your ac repair Humble TX contractor to get this right! There are different brands and models of cooling units to choose from. One has to be careful not to purchase the wrong one.

Get The Moisture Out

While some are good at removing moisture from the air. Others are not so efficient. One needs the guidance of an experienced ac repair Humble TX contractor. To assist in the purchase of the right unit. For fast affordable air conditioning repair Humble TX call Air Houston Mechanical.

SEER Rating

SEER is shortened for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Which implies the extent of energy a model produces. Make sure you purchase an EER rating that is higher than 11. And a SEER rating greater than 13. Don’t make the mistake of buying old models. Your contractor should guide you appropriately.

It is very important to buy an air conditioning system that comes with a filter check light. This will provide a reminder to inspect the filter. The natural tendency is to forget to check the filter. But with this gadget in place, the light will serve as a reminder.

The R-22 refrigerant is outdated and out of use because of its environmental effects. While shopping for a new system, ensure it has the proper accepted refrigerant component. New technology mean better energy efficiency. More efficient mean saving in the long run. We recommend you take this approach.

AC Repair Humble TX System Warranty

It is not enough to ensure the system has all the required features, you must ensure its warranty. Most recent technological products come with some years of warranty but you must not generalize it. Ensure it is well and properly certified. You can even ask the seller for provision for warranty.

Before you finally settle for your choice, you can do a market survey to know the prices. Prices for the type of system your prefer. Compare this to any ac repair Humble TX you have gotten. Good quality is not synonymous with high cost. You can shop for a quality system. And for quality repair. At the same time.  Within your budget.